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The Mask Every Miamian Is Wearing Doesn't Substitute Style for Safety

By Caroline Perrott | November 18, 2020 | Style & Beauty

Butterflies In My Stomach and On My Cheeks!

With the recent introduction of masks to our wardrobes and culture, many have taken the liberty to make their own, get creative and celebrate the new accessory as an addition that not only keeps the human race safe but also gives another platform in which to express ourselves. For Miami-based, Russian-born inventor and entrepreneur Polina Mikheeva, it became abundantly clear that the world had lost it’s ability to connect via smile or frown. Mikheeva was inspired to solve this lack of connection with fashion—specifically with Brain-Bazaar (@brain-bazaar), handmade, couture-quality facial covers embellished with a variety jewels such as Swarovski crystals, pearls and gemstones. Each mask encompasses a design theme, like the “Weekend in Provence,” which features lilac silk, charms of butterflies, flowers and tassels. Inspired by beauty and mystique of Muslim women’s oriental niqab, Mikheeva wanted each mask to speak to the wearer's individuality and reinforce Polina’s passion for travel and culture. With each facial covering comes a filter pocket and filter for easier breathability, as well as adhesive ear straps and matching chain that can serve dual purpose on your sunglasses. Get yours now before you're the odd man out, at Miami’s five-star Acqualina Resort & Spa or online and never let a mask ruin your outfit again.

A Day in A Beautiful Garden, $150

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